Sep 26
professional paper shredding

Professional Paper Shredding – iShred Document Destruction

Did you know that identity theft costs Australians more than $2 billion a year?   Businesses often possess large amounts of confidential and sensitive data. From intellectual property to customer information, it is important to dispose of paperwork securely. It is so easy to companies to fall victim to identity... read more →
Sep 23

October Community Shred Days

Do you have Private Information that needs to be Destroyed Securely? Old Bank and Credit Card Statements, Receipts, Paperwork shouldn’t fall into the wrong hands. That's when our Community Shred Days at iShred – Secure Onsite Document Destruction – are the perfect opportunity to destroy those sensitive documents for as... read more →
Sep 16
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The importance of Using a Melbourne Document Shredding Service

Using a good Melbourne document shredding service is key when maintaining a secure business. Document and hard drive shredding protects your business and clients from fraud and ensures confidentiality. Unfortunately, frauds take any chance they can get to expose confidential information. Sometimes we don’t realise the methods of destroying files... read more →
Sep 06
Sep 03
secure document disposal

Secure Document Disposal for your Business

Secure document disposal is important for every business to consider. Protection from fraud, and securing confidential files are a crucial part of running a successful business. These document disposal tips will help you identify security issues and help you keep your documents and business safe. Practising secure document disposal can... read more →
Sep 01
melbourne secure shredding

Melbourne Secure Shredding – Support Identity Security

Victorian bands “Annihilist” and “Desecrator” played at “Shredfest” in Queensland in 2017, and in 2015 Melbourne ran its own “Shredfest” which was similarly focused on destruction. The reason for the Melbourne event, however, was Melbourne secure shredding – that is, the destruction of documents containing confidential information. Melbourne secure shredding... read more →
Aug 27
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September Community Shred Days 2017

Needing to have your Private Information securely destroyed? Old Bank and Credit Card Statements, Receipts, Paperwork that shouldn’t fall into the wrong hands. Come on by to iShred – Secure Onsite Document Destruction – to securely and safely destroy those sensitive documents and files for as little as $10 per... read more →
Aug 18

Melbourne Secure Document Destruction – iShred

Are you a Melbourne business owner who has old documents?   Protect your business with a Melbourne Secure Document Destruction service - the safest option for you and your business. Shredding your old documents will not only protect yourself, but also the people you do business with. It will keep... read more →
Aug 12
secure document disposal

Secure Document Disposal – Protecting Yourself

The annual cost of identity theft in Australia is $2.2 billion dollars. We, as individuals, collect a large number of documents – some of which contain sensitive information such as our bank statement, pay slips, credit information, car registration rates, and superannuation and pension statements. Therefore, secure document disposal is... read more →
Aug 04
national tree day

National Tree Day – Supporting Our Earth

When you look at trees you are reminded of the beautiful greenery and healthy oxygen they provide our Earth with. But did you know there is a day where you can give life to more beautiful trees and other amazing plants? With the backing of their major sponsor Toyota, Planet... read more →