May 11

Privacy Awareness Week 2018

Privacy Awareness Week 2018 Privacy Awareness Week 2018 is here! Privacy Awareness Week 2018 or PAW, if you prefer acronyms, is an annual event started by the Asia Pacific Privacy Authorities forum, APPA, which is held every year to promote and raise awareness of the importance of protecting sensitive data... read more →
May 10
EOFY - records to shred

Shredding Bins

Shredding Bins – Security While You Wait How important are shredding bins? If you value security, the answer is that they are vital! What is just as, if not more important though is how the records are stored while awaiting destruction. Shredding bins are the perfect solution. Most government regulations... read more →
May 01

May Community Shred Days

Can you believe that it's May already? It's almost half way through the year and now is a great time to sort out your office and clean up any unwanted papers and documents at iShred's May Community Shred Days! Instead of iShred coming to you for your secure document disposal... read more →
May 01

Transport Industry

Transport Industry Document Destruction In an industry where information is frequently mobile, transport industry document destruction procedures must be given priority. Identity theft is on the rise, and a business with a reputation for inadequate security is unlikely to survive for long if clients and employees can't trust the organisation... read more →
Apr 17
Secure Uniform Destruction

Secure Uniform Destruction – Keeping Your Company Safe

So just how important is secure uniform destruction for your company’s identity and reputation? Uniforms are a quick and easy method of identifying members of a company or business. That's why when employees leave, it’s in the best interest of the company to collect any uniforms or other company apparel... read more →
Apr 10
Digital Media Destruction

Digital Media Destruction – Not Just Paper!

Secure onsite destruction is not just for paper – it is just as important to have good digital media destruction practices. If privacy is important to you then digital media destruction is essential. Even small devices need to be disposed of carefully, as failing to protect sensitive information can have... read more →
Apr 05

April Community Shred Day

Ensure that your unwanted documents are safely and securely destroyed by attending iShred's April Community Shred Day - Saturday 21st April 2018. Our Saturday Community Shred Days are a great opportunity for those who can't find time during the week to come down and get their documents destroyed for as... read more →
Apr 03
Mobile Paper Shredding

Stay Secure with Mobile Paper Shredding

What’s the best way to stay safe? Take advantage of mobile paper shredding – secure shredding without needing to leave the office! With data security being so topical at the moment, consumers are becoming increasingly aware of just how valuable their personal information can be, and mobile paper shredding can... read more →
Mar 08
Office and Warehouse Clean Outs

Office and Warehouse Clean Outs

Office and Warehouse Clean Outs Your organizational needs are constantly changing. You may be looking for a bigger space or your business may be overwhelmed with old stock, materials or paperwork. For a business, space almost always equals revenue. More space leads to a better workflow, which can lead to... read more →
Mar 07

Forged doctors scripts

Forged doctors scripts Stolen prescription pads and fraudulent scripts are a growing concern among the medical community. The Pharmacy Board stresses that: “Pharmacists must remain vigilant to ensure the legal supply of prescription medication.” If your prescription pad galls into the wrong hands, fraudsters may be able to fill scripts... read more →