Aug 16
document shredding

Document shredding

Document Shredding In the modern era, we have access to all manner of digital devices and gadgets to make our lives easier. Unfortunately, we also have to live with newer and craftier forms of crime as well. Digital crimes such as identity theft, which has seen a steady increase in... read more →
Aug 09
EOFY Cleanout

Benefits of an EOFY Cleanout

Benefits of an EOFY Cleanout It’s that time of year again! End of the financial Year (EOFY)! EOFY is one of the busiest times of year for every business, big or small, and there are several tasks that need to be completed, one of these is an EOFY office cleanout.... read more →
Aug 02


EFFECTIVE SHREDDING OF MORE THAN JUST PAPER DOCUMENTS Privacy is all too important in this day and age. With the free flow of data and media, our information is constantly circulating; leaving us vulnerable to pesky things such as targeted advertising, but also to more sinister activity such as identity... read more →
Jul 30
Onsite Document Destruction

August Community Shred Days 2018

Tidy up your home, office or business at iShred's August Community Shred Days. When? Saturday 11th August 2018 & Saturday 18th August 2018 (Please note a recently advertised date of the 4th August has been rescheduled due to roadworks and maintenance) Where? 5 / 7 Samantha Court, Knoxfield VIC Time?... read more →
Jul 26
Tips for the EOFY

Top 10 Tips for the EOFY

It’s that time of year again! The end of the financial year (EOFY)! As it’s one of the busiest times of year for any business, there are a variety of tips for the EOFY. One way businesses get ready for EOFY is by organising their documents, whether it be storing,... read more →
Jul 19
iShred 2018 July Community Shred Day

July Community Shred Day 2018

Start the 2018/2019 Financial Year on the right foot and tidy up your home, office or business at iShred's July Community Shred Day. When? Saturday 21st July 2018 Where? 5 / 7 Samantha Court, Knoxfield VIC Time? 9:00am to 1:00pm   iShred's July Community Shred Day is a great solution... read more →
Jul 19
Executive Console Cabinets

Benefits Of Executive Console Cabinets

Most businesses will have access to confidential information, whether its home addresses, credit card details, phone numbers, payroll records or other sensitive data, businesses have a responsibility to ensure this confidential data isn’t stolen or disclosed. There are many ways to achieve this, with the most straightforward method being the... read more →
Jul 12
Secure Document Bins

Benefits Of Secure Document Bins

In the digital age, and with the high probability of identity theft an ever-looming threat, it is more important than ever for businesses and individuals to engage in safe disposal practices for their sensitive documents. This can be achieved in many ways, but the most straightforward and reliable method is... read more →
Jul 05
Onsite Secure Shredding in Melbourne

EOFY Onsite Secure Shredding in Melbourne

With end of financial year fast approaching, are you looking for secure shredding services for your Melbourne-based business and considering EOFY onsite secure shredding Melbourne? EOFY onsite secure shredding in Melbourne comes with many benefits and can cater to the needs of large and small organisations, as well as individuals.... read more →
Jun 28
EOFY document Disposal


Do you need to clean out your Melbourne-based office for the end of financial year? Is your office packed to the rafters with paperwork? Then you should try EOFY document disposal in Melbourne. But how does one go about EOFY document disposal in Melbourne? There are many businesses that offer... read more →